Mrs. Smith's Biology Class

This is a great way for students to continue to prepare for the HSA Biology Exam by practicing these HSA Mini Assessments online.  Students can test to see how well he or she are understanding the Biology concepts.  All the HSA Mini Assessments are scored at the end of each section.  What a great opportunity for students to be informed of which Biology concepts/indicators still need to be reviewed and practice inside and outside of classroom. 

 How to access the HSA Mini Assessments?

1.) Log onto the internet.

2.) Type:

3.) Under ASSESSMENTS, click onto “High School Assessments”.

4.) Click onto “Practicing Taking the HSA”.

5.) Scroll down to the testing subject, Biology.

6.) Click onto a public release testing year for a particular core learning goal.

7.) Click under “Mini As.sessments” to practice another CLG for the same year.

8.) Click onto “Other Assessments” (bottom right) to begin a new year HSA test. 






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